Old behavior brings new joy.

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The case against remote work being our new normal.

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My Personal Experience

Why a sense of humor is essential

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New Leadership

Green line on white canvas

Reflections on leadership during a pandemic

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  • Consistently average more than 40 or 45 hours per week at work?
  • Get to the end of the year and realize you have a bunch of unused time off because you didn’t take a vacation again?
  • Insert yourself into other people’s projects or meetings “just to see how they’re doing” and then feel stressed because your own work isn’t done?
  • Take projects on yourself because there’s nobody else to do it?
  • Find yourself jumping from thing to thing to thing without finishing anything on time?
  • Consistently fail to sleep through…

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Donna Goodaker

Writer. Metalsmith/jewelry maker. Creative soul. Champion of kindness, cats, art. Nonprofit executive. Mother. Friend. Find me at donnagoodaker.com in Jan. 2019

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